Do unions defend lazy workers and protect slackers?

Opponents of unions say unions defend lazy workers and protect slackers who don’t do their jobs from being fired.

No union contract requires an employer to keep a worker who is lazy, incompetent or constantly absent or late.

Grain and General Services Union does not hire or terminate the workers of any employer. We do make sure dismissals are for ‘just cause’ and that the proper disciplinary and termination procedures in the collective agreement have been followed.

Even more information:

Due process is very important, and it is essential that employers and the union follow the procedures outlined in the collective agreement regarding discipline or termination of workers. If the procedures outline in the agreement aren’t followed, just as lawyers are obliged to provide fair representation to their client, unions are obliged to provide fair representation for any employee in the union’s bargaining unit.

Collective agreements bargained by unions and employers are the equivalent of laws in a unionized workplace. Collective agreements outline the agreed-upon steps for responding to many situations – including workplace discipline and employment termination. Workers who are unionized have the right to protection from unjust dismissal, to arbitration, and to reinstatement to employment if an arbitrator rules in their favour. These are rights that do not exist for workers in a non-union workplace.