A bit about GSU

Since 1936, Grain and General Services Union (GSU) has worked hard to represent its members. GSU represents working people across Western Canada. We are headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with a second office in Saskatoon.

We represent a true cross section of the workforce. Our members are grain workers, accountants, salespeople, information technologists, barn and fish farm workers, advertising sales staff, journalists, laboratory workers, welders, NH3 drivers and many more. Many GSU members have special training or are certified in their respective fields.

The foremost goal of GSU is to serve the needs of all members. GSU’s financial and human resources are directed to providing service and protection for members.

We have bargained hundreds of workplace contracts and agreements, fought successfully for improved health and safety in the workplace, improved benefit plans, protected pension plans, and implemented grievance and arbitration procedures which have allowed disputes to be settled fairly and consistently.

We are proud of what we have accomplished and we will continue to work hard to improve workplace conditions for our members.